Vincent Kompany set for reunion with Guardiola: English FA Cup.

Vincent Kompany set for reunion with Guardiola: English FA Cup.

The newly crowned champion of the Carabao Cup Manchester United will host Premier League rivals Fulham and League Two’s Grimsby Town shock Southampton by beating them 2-1 is a trip to battle Brighton and Hove Albion.

The football community will look forward Burnley Vs Manchester City’s fixture as the after Burnly’s 1 – 0 win in the fifth round over League One outfit Fleetwood Town.

The last fixture is an all-Championship affair as Sheffield United – knocked out Tottenham Hotspur and will be playing a host to Blackburn Rovers at Bramall Lane.

Vincent Kompany was asked about the quarter-final draw shortly after his side’s win over Fleetwood. He has admitted that the last-eight tie will be a “special day” for his family.

“It’s a double feeling, to be honest,” Vincent said. “My ties are extremely strong with the club and that remains. The kids will have a tough decision to make on the day but it’s one we are looking forward to.

“We’ve got a few games now which are more important, which is every Championship fixture between that game and now, but it will be a special day. I think for the players, this is an experience and they’ve earned the right to look forward to such a game.”

Vincent added: “From my side, I’m really calm about it. I know that past the hugs and the high fives there is a machine there that wants to win everything. We’ll focus first on the Championship games and then give it the right place it deserves.”

Speaking on the win over Fleetwood, Vincent Kompany continued: “The way we scored is what they were better at doing than us for the entirety of the game. Landing on those loose balls, getting first to the ball, to have this very heroic performance, but in the end, we find a way.

“I didn’t feel we had to lose our nerve or do anything different other than put the ball in the net.”

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