Buhari apologized in reaction to increased insecurity.

Buhari apologized in reaction to increased insecurity.

Abductions, killings, and general instability have sparked widespread dissatisfaction and a vote of no confidence in the Federal Government’s handling of security. President Muhammadu Buhari must recognize that he is dealing with a defining crisis and work toward a solution that would end terrorism in Nigeria, or he must admit government failure.

Afenifere, a Yoruba socio-political organization, expressed alarm about the increase in terrorist operations in Nigeria following the 2023 election. It bemoaned the fact that, in addition to killing and kidnapping individuals on highways, bandits now had the audacity to kidnap people from their houses. In response to President Muhammadu Buhari’s recent request for forgiveness for his misrule, the group stated that the people might forgive Buhari for his wrongdoings if he takes concrete steps to permanently end insecurity in the country and ensures the immediate payment of university lecturers’ eight-month salaries. Afenifere thinks that if the aforementioned procedures are performed successfully before May 29, Buhari will be forgiven by the Nigerian people.

The Buhari government lacks the political will, untrammeled poise, avowed determination and doggedness in waging war against Boko Haram and terrorism. This is why the Bring Back Our Girls (BBOG) movement has been urging Buhari to bring back the remaining captured Chibok girls before May 29, 2023. However, a few of the girls who came back are pregnant. Dogo Daji has released four of the remaining 11 girls in captivity with two of them carrying two babies. Despite the promises of the Buhari government, Leah Sharibu, one of the abducted Chibok girls still held in captivity for refusing to convert to Islam, has not been released.

There is no certainty on the well-being of this ‘audacity of courageous’. The Buhari government needs to take a comprehensive and coordinated approach to combat Boko Haram and terrorism. This includes setting clear priorities, communicating effectively with the public, and taking decisive action to address the threat to security. The government can use its military forces to fight against Boko Haram and other terrorist groups, equip and train its military, enhance its intelligence gathering capabilities, build consensus among stakeholders, seek support from the international community, implement counterterrorism measures, tighten its borders, disrupt the financing of terrorist organizations, and engage with affected communities to gain their trust and support in the fight against terrorism.


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