Bariga Super 4

Bariga Super 4

Bariga’s top four football clubs are coming together for a SUPER FOUR football season. From the 16th June to the 16th of July 2023.

Pablo FC, Fire2 FC, Immaculate FC, and Owoiya FC emerged as the four best teams from the (BML) Bariga Mini Leagur regular season.

The Bariga Mini Football League (BML) is the idea of the Bariga Football Club Owners Association. Headed by Coach Shola Balogun. The former (NPFL) coach of MFM Footbal Club

With the return of a gathering audience from within community, it’s a fresh dawn in Bariga, and the surrounding inhabitants embrace another football season after a lengthy absence of organized tournaments in the community.

The regular season ran from May 15th to May 29th, and 16 clubs competed in the first event. It was a round-robin, everyday football match, exactly how the crowd desired. On weekdays, games were played between 4 and 6 p.m., however on weekends, there are normally two games between 2-4 and 6 p.m.

Each group produced the top two teams. Pablo FC won Group A and Immaculate finished second, while Fire2 FC won Group B and Owoiya finished second.

During the regular season, attendance might reach 400 people or more, and the SUPER SIX promises to be much more thrilling.



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