By: Hon. Abdul Hamed Salawu Media Team

My mum always say to me in the course of my growing up that: In life, you can not have or achieve everything but that which you desire can be achieved even more when you are contented.

Therefore, So far, in my short sojourn in life and on the political SCENE, contentment has been my guiding principle. Everything I do in my life I always prepare my mind with the end at heart in that, whatever comes out I take in good faith.

Since the beginning of the Political campaigns for 2021 Local Government Primary Election in this Council, the moment I have always wished and desire to come to pass is a moment of an assured feeling of relief that the future is finally clear without being blurred collectively for every inhabitants of Somolu Local Government especially the Political Class once we have a Leader that can take the bull by the horn and sail this ship of Somolu in the right direction.

Recounting the various events of leading to where we are, one would realized that though no live was lost, injuries of different degrees have been sustained, families aren’t happy and are still not happy. There have been winners and there have been losers, all in the course of electing our leader and representatives of the people.

To the families that have lost any property or asset either family friend or close relatives, I say to you, you have fought a fight of faith without having to consider if the lost were due to political thuggery or accident from warring political groups or interest, either intentional or non-intentional. The most important thing is that, we all as a people must share in your pain and sorrow. And in sharing in your sorrow, I wish and implore the political class especially APC Family to accept this moment as Will of God, afterall all Power belongs to HIM and may God console everyone of us Amen.

To the injured, your struggle is not in vain even though many might have been from the opposition but the beauty of it all is that this Government is a people oriented government. I am sure and convinced of this as a fact. A more encompassing government that will see to the overall collective good of all. Go home, treat yourselves, settle down and salivate over the good leadership that we will witness from now, even after the general election proper.

To the losers and winners from wards to Local Government level, I admonish us all to ensue the spirit of sportsmanship as been exhibited by the former President of Nigeria, Dr Goodluck Ebele Jonathan. God bless him real good and abundantly. It is glaring his name has been written in the sands of time. We also have many progressive-minded politician that had showed such courageous attitude.

As we plan together going into the election proper, we should all embrace the fact that campaigns are means to a political administrative end and as such we should try as much as possible not to resent one another with hatred, vengeance, rift and or a wish of failure or destruction. *We should from now on pray for Successful Election and Rancour-Free Exercise in our Local Government and the Entire State. We should try as much as possible not enshrined ourselves in the thought that there is no success without a successor. Every Leader to me, will achieve success if we give them our support as a people, collectively.

There is no doubt that our expectations are high and so we may be quick to condemnation than prayer to our Leaders. I admonish us to understand that Rome was not built in a day and of course, slow and steady wins the race. There is no point arguing this fact.

To those candidates that have emerged from our Wards, I admonish us to do away with the spirit of payback. Let us find a common ground towards ensuring a sustainable growth and development of our Council and our people.
Above all, no one has won, no one has lost but SOMOLU wins.

Thank you.

Hon Abdul Hamed Salawu, Dullar
Executive Chairman,
Somolu Local Government.

~Media Team

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