By Folarin Oloyede.

(Managing Partner at Horizon Expanse Solicitors and Advocates, Lagos)

In a bid to survive, the modern man has to interact with like and unlike men since ‘islandism’ only worked for the ancient man. Therefore, conflicts during interactions are highly inevitable.

Civilization brought about the government and the governed. A society in which government officials and citizens are bound by and abide by the law is a society that lives under the rule of law.

I suppose that everyone in the society at one time or the other will either breach the right of someone else or break a law put in place by the government. The foregoing is the core essence of the existence of lawyers. As a lawyer seeks to enforce a law\right, another lawyer is saddled with the responsibility of defending someone against the impending consequences of his wrongdoing. Not to say that lawyers are only relevant when there is clash. No! They are more important in forestalling clashes.

It is my opinion that you do not always need a lawyer when there is a dispute or breach. For instance, you may be able to resolve your problem with the police much faster if there is no lawyer blasting all sorts of phonetics that the investigating police officer is not interested in. In fact, it costs less for certain offences to be resolved if there is no lawyer involved.

Some major disputes that come up could be resolved faster at times without inviting a lawyer because most lawyers are quite legalistic and could care less of the post-dispute relationship between clients. A wise lawyer will know when to concede that ‘this is not a lawyer’s job’ and not find a brief at all cost out of every reported dispute.

You know what, after all that has been said, you are better of having the services of a lawyer than not. You just need to identify how you need the services and who is best to provide the services.

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